Do you want to boost your photography skills to a new level?

Well, you can get a college degree in photography, or take lots of workshops. Or you can spend years researching, practicing and going to a lot of workshops (like I did).

Or, you can work with me, David Aimone. I am a former, retired educator and I’ve been working with photography seriously for years now. In essence, I’ve given myself the equivalent of a high level graduate degree in photography and then some.

What do YOU need? Let’s talk and custom design a process for tutoring, at your convenience and speed, to address exactly the issues you are looking at.  I’m offering a free, no strings attached 30 minute consultation to help you assess your direction and needs, and to determine if my knowledge and teaching skills are a good fit for your needs.

Areas of expertise that we can build on include, but are not limited to:

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The consultation can be a standalone event (I like talking photography), or I can design tutoring or a worshop that fits what you need. I am not a salesperson, but a photographer and educator. It is my honor to share information and techniques to others who love photography!

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Basics of Photography

  • Exposure and light
  • Focus and depth of field
  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Composition
  • Aesthetics
  • Working in different genres
  • Color and monochrome

Digital Photography

  • Exposure, composition, etc.
  • Camera modes
  • Lenses
  • Editing photos
  • Creating archival print

Film Photography

  • No darkroom? No problem!
  • Exposure, composition, etc.
  • Choosing and using film for a camera and application
  • Options for film developing
  • Scanning prints and negatives, including editing of scans
  • Pinhole and zone plate cameras
  • Medium format roll film cameras
  • Large format sheet film cameras

Hybrid Photography/Digital Negatives

  • Combining the best of digital and analog
  • Making silver gelatin and alternative prints from digital camera files.
  • Creating digital negatives

Editing and Prepping Photos

  • Using Adobe Lightroom
  • Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Plug ins
  • Organizing your photo library

Alternative Processes and Historical Methods

  • Traditional silver gelatin prints from an enlarger or contact prints from digital negatives.
  • Toning and Lith prints
  • Inkjet giclee prints
  • Alternative printing techniques, including Kallitype, Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, Platinum/Palladium prints, Oil Prints, etc

And More…

Is there something you don’t see in this list?  Let’s discuss it?  Whether it’s taking photos with your phone’s camera or how to prep an image for entry to a show, it can probably be addressed.

Sign up for the free 30 minute consultation and we can see if we fit your needs!

Tutorial Rates  are based on hours, and purchased in blocks of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. Longer blocks have discounted pricing.  You don’t need to use all the blocks at one time, and can be spread over numerous sessions each based hourly.