Nautical, Maine

Colleen Gleason

Maine, USA

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This collection of photographs is my attempt to display grace, beauty and poetry hard at work. Iconic sultry summer days are but one vantage point to see these historic vessels. Their sleek, silent movement coupled with the murmur of voices, bouts of laughter and the smell of the evening’s dinner wafting up the stairs from a glistening, efficient galley. Heaven welcomes you here to Penobscot Bay, Maine. I would like to add a special note of thanks to John Foss, Captain and owner of the Schooner American Eagle, from which all photographs were taken.

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  1. David A

    Lovely days of summer captured! The sun and wind on the face…. Thank you Colleen!!

  2. Colleen Gleason

    Thanks so much, David.

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