Hilary Clauss

The Edge of Light


When I first looked at this photo, I immediately sensed immense physical exhilaration, joy and abandonment of all social reserve. My curiosity is piqued of what (or who) could be in a wider frame of this photograph. 

The most powerful quality of Hilary’s photographic work is her sense of passion. Whether the emotion be amusement, concern, curiosity, surprise, elation or contentment, that emotion is as sharp as every photograph of Hilary’s I have had the pleasure of viewing. 

Technically, I believe this photo is one of Hilary’s strongest awarded to the viewer. It illustrates a passionate life, a passionate artist’s eye. If I were to change one component, I would widen the view, yet maintain the strong detail of personality, contrast and quality.

The composite of Hilary’s style, what I personally refer to as “The Edge of Light”, has created a powerful command of the black and white genre.

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