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Dandelions on Monhegan, 12x18

Tika Jabanashvil

Tika Jabanashvil — Autoportraits View AutoPortrait Portfolio As a fine art photographer who uses nothing but my iPhone, the artists at AimonePhoto thought I’d be well-suited to critique Tika’s distinct body of work. Gladly, I will do so!In a world cluttered with mobile phone images it is rare to find a person whose work reaches out and grabs one’s attention …
Author: Valerie Cargo
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Tika Jabanashvil

SOHO Photo Gallery Member Portrait Show

Girl With Wall, Kanchipuram, India by Stephen Rae This March show in the upstairs loft gallery will feature portrait work done by gallery members. Images in this show by:David AimoneJustin CapalboRoberto CavazzutiLinda HackerThom O'ConnorStephen RaeMarcia SoloffSeena SussmanBruce Wodder Thom O'Connor Roberto Cavazzuti Justin Capalbo David Aimone Linda Hacker Stephen Rae Seena Sussman
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SOHO Photo Gallery Member Portrait Show
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